National Youth Physical Fitness Program

The individual who believes that it takes all brawn and no brains to become a fitness winner is badly mistaken. It is the belief of the United States Marine Corps that physical fitness must be a part of any program leading to a self-disciplined mind and body.

A coach from the programs past, Dick Murray, coach of the 1972 Champion team from Ramsey High School noted, "there is a definite correlation between brains and the ability to tough it out, day after day." Sixty percent of Murray's Physical Fitness team members have been in the National Honor Society.

Physical Fitness demands endurance, mental alertness and self-discipline. It is upon these three conditions that the United States Marines Youth Foundation bases the fitness program.

The National High School Physical Fitness Program is a continuation of the National Youth Physical Fitness Program. The High School Program is designed to give added incentive for students to continue their quest towards a healthier lifestyle. High school teams are afforded an opportunity to compete at the state and national level.

There are no limits to the number of schools competing at the state level. However, teams making it to national competition is based on the results of state competition.

Athletic Directors, Fitness Instructors or Volunteer Coaches can organize competition teams. The guidelines for the conduct and forming of teams can be viewed under the Competition Rules button below. The Competition Rules apply for both state, regional and national competition.

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