Youth Physical Fitness

Many of the youth in this country are not physically able to meet the challenges of everyday life. Poor eating habits, lack of physical exercise and low self-esteem contribute to this desperate condition. Through the National Youth Physical Fitness Program and the National High School Physical Fitness Championships, the Foundation has been able to help thousands of kids turn their lives around. Many of the young men and women who participate in these programs are exposed to positive role models for the first time in their lives. Many have never had too meet a challenge, attain a goal, or have the opportunity to dream a dream. The United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. is keeping those dreams alive…one school and one child at a time.

The National Youth Physical Fitness Program encompasses students from elementary school through junior and senior high school. The program is designed to complement, not replace, existing curriculum and to be easily implemented in any school situation. Students are tested in five basic exercises and are awarded scores indicative of their general fitness level. Students can earn one beautiful full-color certificate for each year of participation.

This program provides a means for adult leaders to actually measure the fitness level of participating students throughout the school year. More importantly though, this program, provides hope and offers our youth an opportunity to become part of something bigger than themselves, an opportunity to be challenged, and an opportunity to grow as individuals. It teaches students to respect their bodies and helps them build and maintain a personal resistance to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

The program provides a mental, moral and physical challenge and establishes reachable goals. The fitness program also provides important recognition, which leads to pride in one's self and is in many cases a building block for future self-improvement and is offered to every school and youth organization free of charge.

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